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About our Spaghetti Squash

Already Spaghetti is unrivaled in the world of squash. We took all the work out of the traditional preparation of spaghetti squash by providing a pre-cut, de-seeded, perfectly cooked, ready-to-eat ring without adding preservatives or other additives. Simply cut open the bag and shred. Enjoy as-is, or heat for a few minutes and finish with your favorite sauce or toppings. 

Spaghetti squash is a fantastic foundation for any type of cuisine and can work perfectly with virtually any flavor. It’s the perfect base for your favorite marinara – or kick it up a notch and create a spicy pad thai – the options are endless. Already Spaghetti is perfect for specialty diets such as gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, keto, and paleo, among others, and allows everyone to make easy and delicious health-conscious choices. Trade up from traditional high-carbohydrate foods like rice, pasta, and potatoes, and enjoy Already Spaghetti!

With a 30+ day shelf-life, Already Spaghetti makes it easy and convenient to keep this healthy option on hand for a quick, tasty and effortless meal.

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How to Prepare
Step 1 of how to prepare

Remove the squash rings from the bag.

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Step 2 of how to prepare

Scoop noodles from rings with a fork or spoon. Discard outer ring.

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Step 3 of how to prepare

Serve ready-to-eat noodles cold or heat in microwave for 1 min.

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