The original imPASTA! ready-to-eat spaghetti squash is now Already Spaghetti! While the name has changed, our product and steadfast commitments are completely unchanged. It's because at imPASTA! Foods, we believe the most important things, like the food we eat, should be good, without compromise.

We want fast, but we also want healthy and natural.
We want easy, but and we also want warm and comforting.

With Already Spaghetti, there’s no need to choose. Our ready-to-eat, or lightly heat, nutritious spaghetti squash is picked fresh and perfectly pre-cooked, without any preservatives, to deliver a deliciously wholesome dish that’s ready when you are – in an instant.

Seed to Fork

Seed to Fork

Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

Covenience & Simplicity

Convenience & Simplicity

About Our Spaghetti Squash

We took all the work out of the traditional preparation of spaghetti squash by providing a pre-cut, de-seeded, perfectly cooked, ready-to-eat ring without adding preservatives or other additives. Simply cut open the bag and shred. Enjoy as-is, or heat for a few minutes and finish with your favorite sauce or toppings. Imagine the pastabilities!


Using innovation and food science, imPASTA! Foods has spent years perfecting these rings of goodness – the first ready-to-eat spaghetti squash rings. Available year-round!

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